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What makes experiences valuable? When is a consultant a valid investment? From a position of diversity and creative endeavors a good consultant walks into the room with a fresh viewpoint, new questions, suggestions to coach and guide the team to finding optimizations in the workflow. This disruptive innovation is known as the "Medici Effect."  More...

Project list



Xcel Energy; Public Utility- eSOMS

(Electronic Shift Operations Management - Implementation)

Xcel Energy; Public Utility-  DRMS

(Demand Response Management System - Implementation)

Xcel Energy; Public Utility- Corporate Giving

(Employee Charitable Giving Portal - Hosted Solution)

Xcel Energy; Public Utility- Remittance

(Check Processing Management System - Upgrade)

Xcel Energy;  Public Utility- RIS

(Regulatory Information System - Data Integration Compliance)

Xcel Energy; Public Utility- PDP

(Pipeline Data Project - Gas Transmission Data Integration into GIS)

Xcel Energy; Public Utility- FCS

(Field Collection System - ITRON upgrade)

McKesson; Public Utility- ADM

(Advanced Diagnostics Management - Agile Product Management)

USDA; Federal Government - VS - Bovine Management

(Veterinary Services  Bovine Tracking Management - Development)

McKesson; Health Care - Laboratory Claims Workflow

(Health Care Claims Authorization Diagnostics Management - Development)

Sprint Nextel; Telecommunications - Call Center Operations Upgrade

(Consolidated Datawarehouse Reporting - BRS Documentation)

McKesson; Health Care - CareEnhance CRMS

(CRMS reengineering Pay for Performance KPI Solution)

Fair Isaac; Financial Services - Datawarehouse consolidation

(Reengineering Business Rules and Data Center Relocation )

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Philosophy of Computing and Information

Having many hobbies, can be a curse. How do you prioritize where to invest the energy? Besides activities like back country camping, cycling, motorcycling, overland-truck exploration, there are practical hobbies too. Interest such as cooking, welding, carpentry, mechanical (automotive) projects, Amateur Radio (HAM lisc:: KE0TDM), and creative writing, there are also the hobbies of the mind. Topics such as Philosophy, Sociology, Information Theory, Philosophy of Computing and Information, Jungian Studies, Post Humanism, are all incredibly interesting. So much to learn, don't even get me started about History and Anthropology.  More...


Justin MeadJustin L Mead is the principal of Rocky Mountain Managed Information (RMMi). The primary skill focus; requirements, integration, project management, within industries of oil and gas - health care - finance - inventory management - retail - government (local and federal).
Secondary areas of expertise; marketing, creative solutioning, coaching and or mentoring in the modalities of interest.

Projects include contracting tasks on analysis, architecture, design, and development. RMMi also has delivered capabilities with ghost writing, logo design, web development and hosting. Past projects have also included technology solutions in; environmental consulting, retail inventory management, business to business sales, real estate list management, laboratory information systems; as well as projects for sole proprietors in public relations, therapy, cartooning, sculpting, photography and personal services.

Side interests span; cooking, welding, carpentry, HAM Radio, expedition truck projects, motorcycle touring, backcountry adventures and writing. Several novels have been slowly growing over the years between the sci-fi and self help domains to keep it interesting.


::Resume Summary For Justin L Mead::

Large contract efforts include:
• Sr Business / Requirements / Test Analyst Xcel Energy
• Sr Data / Systems Integration Analyst McKesson MHS Team
• Sr Business Analyst / Program Manager McKesson ADM Team
• Requirements Analyst / USDA APHIS VS
• Sr Systems Analyst / Agile McKesson Corporation ADM Team
• Sr Systems Analyst / Project Manager Sprint Nextel Corporation
• Sr Business Analyst McKesson Corporation MMP Team
• Team Lead / Analyst Fair Isaac Corporation

More than two decades of experience in technology. The recent decade was focused on large enterprise projects listed above doing integrations, requirements management, analysis, testing and project architect roles. It all started back in 1994 when with reengineering an Access database to improve sales lead generation tracking for a small business. Initial business start was from sales reporting mindset and moved into application coordination, logistics, web coding with text editors. Moving into more complex business systems analysis such as corporate report analytics, data integration, application development, managing teams, developing documentation all in support of successful projects. The time spent in marketing, sales, and lead generation since 1992, was from the point of view of visual communications.

My varied background is a value add that inspires creative solutions to daily issues. Problems are opportunity and opportunity is good.

My training is that of a Business Systems Analyst with a B.S. degree in Business Information Systems from University of Phoenix, 1999. I originally spent two years at Lyndon State College learning Visual Communications and Philosophy.

~:my Medici Effect:~


Previous to my technical focus life, I have graphic design and marketing experience from my early careers serving small office/home office users. Still have the Macintosh Color-Classic computer that got me started exploring what I could do with technology, at the time, in 1993, it was so I could create marketing communication materials for small business, brochures, posters, ad-copy. It had a FileMaker database. That ClarisWorks database tool got me thinking.


~ Bachelor of Science - Information Systems from University of Phoenix, 1999

~ Technology roles since 1994 

~ Sales and Marketing from 1987-1994

~ Ski Bum from 1987- 1989

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Ski Bum Proof - Made the cover of Vermont Life Winter 1992 -

Cover Vermont Life Winter 1992 Justin Mead

Medici Effect

Frans Johansson argues that innovation comes from diverse industries, cultures, and disciplines when they all intersect, bringing ideas from one field into another. He also recommends assembling diverse teams of people to collaborate on innovation.

The name of the book is derived from the Medici Dynasty, an Italian banking family that came to power in the 14th century. The family's wealth was able to support artists that led to The Renaissance. The book looks at examples of how Renaissance painters, sculptors, poets, philanthropists, scientists, philosophers, financiers, and architects, shaped historical eras of innovation. The Medici family did not intend the Renaissance, but contributed to it with what Johansson coins as the "Medici Effect."

The book became the foundation for the "Medici Effect", a term that describes contributions of disruptive innovation from people who have no experience in an industry.


~:my Medici Effect:~

My Medici Effect is that I came into IT Technology from a previous life of a graphic design and visual thinker. Strong interests in Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy and just plain curiosity of how does that work? Often an IT person is from a math engineering finance or maybe gaming... I derived my understanding first from semantics and schemas. Understanding in a visual representation, data. The Philosophy of Computing and Information (book) is my happy place where I delve into the ethics, thoughts on the ontology of what might be the tipping point for Artificial Intelligence? AI. What makes a rules engine more advanced? How much metadata is needed from what related things does it take?

This brings fresh ideas, viewpoints, questions to help you solve your technology needs. Decades of scars and hard learned details on how to lead, how to encourage, how to hear. I will hear your needs with a fresh point of view.

Thinking out of the box since the seventies!  What a decade right.



How do you prioritize where to invest the energy? First, what things tasks projects GIVE you energy? It is important to recharge. Key things that recharge me are, cooking good food (and eating it), exercise, or creating something (like food.)

The list from which I enjoy however is long. Besides activities like back country camping, cycling, motorcycling, overland-truck exploration, there are practical hobbies too. Interests such as gourmet food, welding, carpentry, mechanical (automotive) projects, and Amateur Radio (HAM lisc:: KE0TDM). Like creative writing, there are also the hobbies of the mind. Topics such as Philosophy, Sociology, Information Theory, Philosophy of Computing and Information, Jungian Studies, Post Humanism, are all incredibly interesting.

So much to learn, don't even get me started about History and Anthropology.

And then there is simply have a craft beer with friends, PROST!