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10 Tips for Hiring a Computer Consultant

The Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), a national not-for-profit organization which promotes ethical professionalism within the industry, offers these 10 tips for choosing a consultant:

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December 23, 2004 -- Rocky Mountain Managed information, (RM-Mi) optimizes it's website to score well in the rankings on major search engines. Doing a key word search on 'Fort Collins business systems analysis, data integration' on December 22 our web design and copy places one at and and number two with and search engines! How did they do it? The key according to Justin Mead, marketing consultant at RM-Mi is to understand who the target audience is you want to reach, and ask your self 'if I were them, how would I search out somebody for these services?' Then, using good sound copywriting and program development secrets in your web design, make sure that the key search engines will pick up on what you are trying to offer so that you can be found and found on the first page of your customers favorite search engine!

Take a look ( ) at how Rocky Mountain Managed information ranked on December 22, 2004, call and ask if they can optimize your website for you today!

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