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10 Tips for Hiring a Computer Consultant

The Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), a national not-for-profit organization which promotes ethical professionalism within the industry, offers these 10 tips for choosing a consultant:


The following whitepapers are from various sources and focus on topics that RM-Mi works with. These papers will help in understanding how RM-Mi can help you. Look weekly for new papers added for your review.

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The other day I could not find an answer to what seemed like  simple problem. Of course those never are the simple ones. The issue was 'How do I get the group by property to stay when I create a custom popup menu (shortcut menus) in Microsoft Access 2003?' When I finally found a hint, I sat down and put together a better 'how to' then I was finding out on the web.



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Marketing isnít about using one medium. Itís about getting and keeping customers. Yes, Internet marketing can help you can do that but only if you use it in conjunction with other tactical tools.

Before the enterprise cleans data, they should understand the significance of the cleansing and how clean data will ultimately be used. The examples go on and on, but the point should be clear; having the ability to reach out to customers in a professional manner and to accurately identify their wants and needs isn't just desirable, it is a requirement for all businesses. Targeting the right consumer or household or business at the right time, place, or channel with the right message or content, is critical to profit optimization. In fact, it is the basis of the profit optimization model.


How should companies go about outsourcing the development of software applications? In this white paper, various processes are evaluated in establishing an outsourced development function. Common misconceptions are examined, and recommendations are made for reaching a successful outcome.


Despite numerous fads and changes during the ensuing years, no significant portion of the original content changed. This attests not only to the fundamental nature of the material, but also to the dedication of members of IMC USA to building the management consulting profession.


A general list of whitepapers by topic at bitpipe, or you can search for a specific word or phrase....


A good source of technology resources like industry magazines or reviews is CMP ...

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