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10 Tips for Hiring a Computer Consultant

The Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), a national not-for-profit organization which promotes ethical professionalism within the industry, offers these 10 tips for choosing a consultant:

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You can not judge a book by it's cover or the story by the summary page, but are you sure your audience is going to read further then that anyway? Knowing who you are presenting information for is just as important as knowing what to show and what to provide reference to further information on.

Key Benefits

  • Combined creative and technical background assists in answering critical questions to ensure your intended message gets across.
  • The experience to know if the reports you need to see are able to be generated within your current systems. If the answer is no data to support your needs, we at RMMi can help discover what has to be done to make it so.
  • ad hoc reporting can be tedious if your staff use a system and your dba runs backups but no one seems to know how to link your customer files to production files, at RMMi we can solve that issue for you.


For effective reports do you have to follow the rule that the average reader has the equivalent of an eighth grade comprehension level or do the only readers of your work all have at least one Ph.D. on their office wall? Words graphics handouts electronic links or included multimedia are all tools to deliver a message, what will work and what is overkill? Do you even know if you have the correct data being collected this year to answer the expected questions of management? Did you change your system and somehow have to integrate legacy data to current production numbers? RMMi can help with all of this, the creative aspect through the technical aspect of Business Intelligence Reporting.

Ad hoc corporate reports
Sometimes the existing system reports just do not cut the numbers.
Create end user report applications
When users need the same reports over a consistent time period, this is an opportunity to save time by developing small report applications to get at your company data wherever it may reside to be run on demand.
Data dictionary and type specification
Reporting is almost impossible if you do not know what you have and where to find it. A good dictionary is useful for future reports, deciding how to clean data, database administration tasks, and repeatable reports for audit purposes in the future.
Legacy data normalization
Sometimes data is  too flat, sometimes too normalized. Cleaning data for report purposes is very important to reflect accurate numbers that make sense. A production system is not created to report from.
Data integration
Separate business systems were not built to work together yet you need numbers from all the systems combined into one report... what do you do? RMMi can assist in a solution to suit your needs.
Data transformation
Is your legacy system still out there and you want to populate a new system with historical numbers? Are you consolidating department databases built by the users to one centralized N-tier system? DTS services are something RMMi can do for you.
Data temporary storage
Some report needs necessitate that you compile data from other systems, aggregate the information into usable blocks for this months numbers before you store your final report data file into archive status. A process can be assembled for this purpose.
Data warehouse
Isolating your production data and your report data sure is nice when you can then lock down security on production and custom fit your security needs of your data to fit user needs. A warehouse can be a good solution and reduces the scary reality of a misinformed user deleting production data.

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