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10 Tips for Hiring a Computer Consultant

The Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), a national not-for-profit organization which promotes ethical professionalism within the industry, offers these 10 tips for choosing a consultant:

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To write, author, create copy for presentation purpose. To assemble words, documents, contextualize what technical people write so that non technical people can understand. To improve understanding with the written word. 

Key Benefits

  • Transform technical engineering, scientific, medical, manufacturing or jargon heavy information into documents that can be understood by the user, the executive, or the general public.
  • Maintain the intended focus of what the document is to achieve.
  • Hold the interest of the target audience through out the experience of the document.


RMMi's training and experience is business information systems. Business information systems include understanding of computer programming, networking architectures, enterprise systems and applications, finance, business law, management issues, and marketing for growth. Additional training in visual communications, graphic design and sales techniques. Experience in the diverse industry verticals of publishing distribution, scientific logistic operations, bio-pharmaceutical, hardware manufacturing and sales, garment industry, advertising and graphic design, government technology, and entrepreneurial start ups.

Specific capabilities include but are not limited to:

Request for proposals (RFP)
Need an application or project or system put out to bid? Not sure how to start, what to ask, what to include or not include? Last time you assembled an RFP did you get what you wanted for proposals from the vendors? Writing the copy is more then words on paper that are grammatically correct, what is the need for the proposal? Have you completed a full analysis of need? We can do that for you too!
Training or operations manuals  
Is your existing documentation scattered and hard to get answers out of when you need answers to finish a task? Are you completely lacking in operational manuals and training documentation? Does the evening shift insist on doing things differently then the day shift? Many reasons to fine tune your manuals and establish a system to keep them up to date. We offer consulting services and programming that can solve that issue for you as well!
Help file content  
Was your help file system translated by someone with a dictionary but totally lacking in understanding of the language or process? Do you even have a application help system? Is it context specific or only usable if you can remember how to ask the question or look up just the right word in the appendix? The trick is that different people think opposite ways. To build a help file system that can be approached from different mindsets and personality types is a key to success. Understanding who will use the system is key.
Business plans  
Does your business plan work really well for your fellow technologist to grasp what you are doing but your banker looks at you like you are from the Planet of the Apes? A good business plan is to have many different plans for many different audiences. RMMi can help address that through discovery consultation sessions and applying our varied background to the challenge. Sometimes words are not as important as the organization or the presentation!
Marketing copy  
Did your last marketing session only turn up an idea that included anything about a little fuzzy creature with a Picasso face making really annoying sounds? The public sensitivity to trends and what is hot and what is not is a fleeting thing. Make sure your approach to marketing is focused on your goals and your customer's needs!  Also keep in mind that marketing crosses all your business operations from web site design, letterhead, conference materials, pamphlets, financial statements, advertisement copy, sales catalogs and the list goes on....
Employee handbooks  
With out a handbook it sure gets hard to enforce some of those new policies Human Resources is saying that are required by law starting next quarter. Are you worried about lawsuits from your employees? Tired of answering the same question every year around tax time or when benefits change? Having an employee handbook that makes sense and is easy to maintain is more then half the battle.

Are you sitting at your desk with red ink all over your technical paper that you have been told is too cumbersome to read and it needs to be rewritten? A good whitepaper gets picked up by other publications, gets linked into by other websites, helps place your services and company on the map of the those who know. RM-Mi can help you transform your message and knowledge into different papers for different audiences. Let us ghost write for you today!

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