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10 Tips for Hiring a Computer Consultant

The Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), a national not-for-profit organization which promotes ethical professionalism within the industry, offers these 10 tips for choosing a consultant:

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Application development, integration and design

There are times when what is needed is either more ways to get at your data or less ways to get at your data. Building a custom application to fit your needs can be accomplished in many ways. Application development and integration is key to addressing business problems with the appropriate solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Careful consultative meetings and analytical review of your needs can be addressed with custom development or refined tuning of your existing systems. RMMi can help you decide.
  • Separate the user layer from the data layer and you can better control your security.
  • You own the code for future modifications.


Trained as a business systems analyst and experienced in all things data, from integration to development of in house solutions to vendor relations with existing applications. Let RMMi help you fine tune your effective use of the information you have but may not be able to get to easily. We can change that! Add the experience in design and graphic arts and getting that data gets easier yet!

Web site design & development
ABC Design, or A Basic Concept Design, or just ABCD~ is a subsidiary of RM-Mi and can handle all your quick and dirty design needs for your creative edge in dealing with technology and data. Integrated Hosting & Marketing packages that are extremely competitive! But you know, today anybody can put up a web site, the questionis; is it put together with panache? with cohesion? with clean code for fast loading times and clean design for easy understanding? RM-Mi has experience in code and graphic design and establishing business and all aspects around getting your business up and web site up and getting revenue streams happening.

As an added value, you can read through these tutorials to understand everything you ever wanted to know and something's you did not want to know about web design and code.

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Web based access to multiple systems
Consolidate user interfaces to multiple systems with web based solutions. Closely integrated to marketing and copywriting, RM-Mi also can build your web site and manage all aspects of your web presence.
Database driven one user applications to multi-user N-tier systems
Perhaps you have an office administrator who needs to track supplies and a one user application is the solution. Perhaps a departments home grown application no longer handles the number of people and or the reporting needs and a multi-user N-tier solution is required. RMMi can help figure out what is best for your budget and needs.
Spreadsheet centric solutions
Have you ever heard 'if only I didn't have to retype this all into a spreadsheet to get your reports for you.' You have a user that is very skilled and comfortable with a spreadsheet but they do not know how to automate data imports from another system into what they need to get those numbers. Spreadsheet centric solutions can be beneficial especially to capitalize your accountants skills you have on staff today!
Word processing centric solutions
Are those quarterly marketing letters getting hard to pull off? Are your staff still handwriting or typing each envelope? Automate data transfers into your word processing application can save a lot of time!

Skills List
SQL Server 2000 Administration ~ DTS ~ Migration ~ Oracle 8.1.5 Report Analyst ~ PL/SQL ~ MySQL ~ MS Access 2000 ~ FileMaker ~ VBA ~ VB6 ~ VB.Net ~ DB2 ~ AS400/Query ~ IBM AS400 ~ RPG ~ Scripting ~ ODBC ~ COM ~ Linux ~ Perl ~ Crystal Reports V.8.5 ~ Cognos Impromptu V.5 Administration ~ Microsoft Developer ~ FrontPage 2000 ~ Web Design


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